About Alchemy Products

We are a new company that sees the value in nature’s natural health remedies. Long before pills, drugs, injections throughout time we used certain herbs and potions that aided us in our health and sense of “well-being.”

Some worked, some didn’t and some were forgotten, but certain products throughout their history had a track record for whatever reason that simply worked!

For the last 8 years, I’ve (Dale) been around the Mind, Body & Spirit shows and noticed whilst everything else was available to us, in our quest to find Peace, The Greater Good or whatever name you want to put to it. Products such as these weren’t widely available, if at all!

We tend to focus as humans on one thing at once, whether it be the mind, body or spirit. Personally, I think to find that “inner peace” we need to a strike a balance with all 3.

So, ask yourself this,

If the Universe gave us natural products to aid us, are we wrong to ignore these?

Products such as:

Blackseed Oil, that has the saying “cures everything except death” linked to it.

Emu Oil, been used for over 40,000 years by the Aborigines of Australia.

Raw Natural Honey, is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water; and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

Our suppliers are just as passionate as we are, about these products, the high-quality ingredients used are sustained ethically from Australia, Ethiopia, Romania and Spain.

Our aim at Alchemy Products is to inform you and get you to take time out from your busy lifestyle, to improve your sense of well-being by offering these wonderful natural highly beneficial products.



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