Nottingham - Trowell Show

Nottingham - Trowell Show

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After spending 6 – 8 weeks, forming an idea, evolving it into a business idea, thinking it through, to then ordering stock in.

We at Alchemy Products (Tracy & Dale) then set in motion, our ideas, by attending our first ever show at Trowell Parish Hall. Organised by Lizianevents (Liz & Ian, whom I’ve known for a few years)

After being in and around the M.B.S shows (mind, body, spirit) for the last 8 years, myself (Dale) knew what to expect, but yet I had never visited this venue as a visitor or exhibitor.

Whilst it was exciting I found it strange that I was nervous also, why?

Honestly, I don’t know.

We arrived at the Parish Hall 7.30am ready to setup. I unloaded the car and then left Tracy to setup our stand. Tracy has visited these types of shows in the past but never exhibited and had to find out for herself, how they operate from an exhibitor’s point of view.

Compared to other venues I had attended this was very small in comparison, but it was a Parish Hall afterall. Yet there was something endearing about it.

Whilst she setup the stand, I left her to it, kept popping back now and again to see if she wanted/needed a hand with anything. She wanted to be left alone to figure it out for herself. Myself walked around talking to people I knew or hadn’t see for awhile.

 At about 9 am, Tracy came and found me, saying she had done and was happy with how the stand looked but wanted to see what I felt about it.

The end result, was fantastic (see pictures below)

Our stand at the Trowell showOur stall at the Trowell Show

10am arrived and the doors were open, the only thing that was against us, was the weather! It was a beautiful day and people would either come to the show or go out elsewhere for the day.

Was slow to begin with, slowly but surely people started to arrive.

As usual with these shows, people wander around to begin with, to see what interests them, have little conversations with the various stand holders.

By 11am more people arrived, we were having more and more people stopping by the stand, curious, interested to see what we were selling.

These products hadn’t been seen before at these shows. (not to my knowledge)

  • What would people make of them?
  • Would they be interested?
  • Would they try them

To encourage people to try them, we had testers out of the products and invited people to try them.

People obviously asked us about the products, what was their purpose, what did they actually do and why was they better than other products on the market.

This is where our (Tracy’s & I) product information, knowledge began to be tested.

The weeks running upto the show I had been very busy, researching products, finding the right supplier, ordering. On top of that, there was the website to build, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to setup, business cards to order, packaging, marketing plus a lot more to organise to make sure our first show would run as smoothly as possible.

Tracy works, during the week, so she had no choice but to rely on me to get things done!

With all that in mind, whilst we knew the information, would we remember it and more importantly convey it to our customers in the right way?!

To our delight, the till started ringing and people started purchasing our products (see pictures below)

Products at the Trowell ShowOur products at the Trowell Show

Long story short, the weekend overall was a great success, the important thing for us, the products were received with interest, curiosity and people not only tried them, but I would say 90% then purchased the product.

Tracy and I had obviously remembered “Our stuff” and had conveyed this in the correct manner to our customers, they trusted us enough to try, then buy our products.

Our next show is at the  Lizianevents Wellbeing Show, Lincoln Showground 2nd – 3rd June 2018.

This show we will be taking more stock, introducing two more Raw Natural Honeys and I will work on my photo taking skills and try to take more pictures!

Thank you for reading our 1st journey on what will be a long but interesting ride!




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