Lincoln Epic Centre Wellbeing Show June 2018

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This was only our second event with Alchemy Products and both of us were really looking forward to it.

In the past I (Dale) have attended shows at Lincoln before and they have always been fantastic shows.

This show we felt was going to be no different, except Lizianevents had introduced a new concept to this show.

Wellbeing Spirit and Wellbeing Body, the hall had been separated into these two sections. After all, to truly be a “Well Being” we could argue that it does take both the Body & Spirit to achieve this.

We arrived at 7.30am Saturday morning to setup our stand, this time we had a double stand, whilst the stand at Trowell worked, we felt as always, we could do better!

After unloading the car and putting together our new display stand

(This is when I first set it up at home)

I left Tracy to work her magic on the stand. I don’t like to interfere in her creative process, plus I know she will ask me what I think, when is required.

I do my usual thing at this point, go off wandering around the venue, talking to people I know, but more importantly I get my “head” ready for the upcoming influx of visitors.

About an hour later roughly around 9.30am, I take 2 coffees back to the stand, to see if Tracy has finished.

She asked me what I thought, I gave her a big hug and said one word “fantastic!”

Below is a video link I took once the stand was completed

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10am arrives and people are starting to enter the venue, for us honestly the morning was a little quiet, but we had a few good conversations. People were milling around, taking in the new concept, finding their feet with it. The afternoon was a lot more engaging, more and more conversations were had.

It always interests me that at different venues, people are attracted to different products. Trowell for instance, everyone there seemed to be attracted mainly to our Honeys and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Lincoln people seemed be more attracted to our Black Seed Oil products.

One thing I’ve learnt personally and I’m sure Tracy will agree, that more marketing/information has to be done on our Emu Oil range.

We always give out the information for our products to the best of our knowledge and trust me when I say, we are always reading and learning.

Our ethos is, you can’t sell anything, if you:

  1. Don’t use the product yourself
  2. Don’t gain every snippet of information about the product

Whether people don’t like the fact the Oil comes from an Emu (which is understandable) or they just don’t understand the HUGE benefits to be gained from these products, is something that we at Alchemy Products, need to address.

We must stress, that the Emus live a long and fruitful life in their natural habitat, the Australian & Canadian Governments are very strict on the licencing surrounding the use of the meat and oil.

In the meantime, please read our article on The History of Emu Oil & Benefits and other articles here.

Sunday morning, we arrived around 9am, traditionally for me (Dale) Lincoln has always been busier on a Sunday.

It didn’t disappoint, we could feel it was much busier, people were a lot more engaging and we had plenty of visitors to our stand. Once again, we had lots of interesting conversations, bumped into faces we had seen before (which is always nice) and had a good laugh with a couple I hadn’t seen in years, which was even more enjoyable.

The one thing people kept saying to us, was how professional our stand looked, which means a lot, especially the new display stand in the middle. When we get comments like that, the time, effort we put into thinking about not only our products, but the presentation means we are on the right track.

Sunday, went quite fast compared to Saturday and that is purely because we were busy most of the time, we only had lulls when talks or workshops were taking place.

Lincoln had over 750 visitors over the weekend, very nearly hitting the 800 mark, which is fantastic!

I see this venue doubling in the next year or 2 in terms of visitors, which would make it a phenomenal show.

Alchemy Products, are already thinking ahead to our next show which is, shown below. This will be a first showing there for us, so it should be interesting.


















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