Customer Feedback - Tamra's Story

Customer Feedback - Tamra's Story

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We provided samples of our Emu Oil warming massage bars to a licensed Reiki Therapist to try out on her clients. Here's how she got on...


  • Looked completely different than anything we had used before.
  • Packaging was basic and we had concerns over how we would use it on different clients - sticking to hygiene protocol.
  • Scent was powerful on initially - in a pleasant way.
  • Colour - non-descript - which unless a client was fussy, than not an issue.
  • The massage bar didn't look promising - that can be deceptive!
  • Question we asked ourselves was how cost effective would this product be?


  • Very Positive feedback.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the feel, texture and scent of the product.
  • Has requested that I use the new product again 😊
  • I did not use the oil in the hair as due to colouring of the client’s hair I was unsure if a reaction would occur.


  • Spatula needed for hygiene purposes - product is better warmed between the hands before applying to the client’s skin.
  • Product has a 'woody' aroma which gives it a premise to be unisex 😊
  • During the massage time the aroma settles and becomes slightly subdued. Some clients may find the smell too overpowering...something that we would need to address before each treatment.
  • Luxurious is another term we feel describes this product. Due to its rich and thick consistency.
  • This product can be used on most (if not all) parts of the body...and have tried and tested this...meets with our approval.
  • Working time varies - overall it has a good working time and is consistent. Maximum massage time needed would be 45 mins and it provides this. This product can be used for mini treatments as well as luxury treatments.
  • Skin Sensitivity hasn't been an issue so reaction has been recorded.
  • Product soaks in quite well...dry leaves a barrier that isn't easily washed away, even with soap. This did leave a question as to how long it lasts, so we tested it and takes approximately 3 washes with soap for any residue to go, yet leaves the skin soft 😊 for up to 48 hours.
  • Product wasn't to Oily and doesn't spill and drip all over.
  • Tested body areas were Back, neck, legs and feet.


  • Ease of use, I'm not entirely happy with the packaging as it makes it slightly awkward to reapply if needed and I'm not comfortable with waste so wouldn't want to take too much out and not use it. As that wouldn't be cost effective
  • Using the product to work with was very similar to using a good quality massage oil, only thicker consistency.
  • I felt the heat of the product helped in dispersing energy and it moved more freely.
  • The natural ingredients were a big hit with me 😊
  • Product worked well with movement and I used numerous techniques with my hands. Only test not performed was with a massage tool and that will be something I will look into doing at some point, will get back to you on that one. (Please remind as I’m busy and forgetful at times)
  • I enjoyed the experience of having the product on my skin and I felt extremely pampered during the massage. This is something I feel clients would benefit from 😊

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